Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovely and in Youth

A friend pointed this out to me yesterday. A much older, wiser, loves-to-give-me-advice-about-never-growing-up friend (who, when I said she was going on the blog, asked me not to embarrass her).  We were making speculations of a radiant, cheery young lady, when I made the observation that she must be young and in love.

"She may not be, you don't know that. She may have just been dumped, or her dog could have just died. Who are we to judge that she's not just lovely and in youth."

Silence on my end

"Ainsley. Lovely and in youth is the same as young and in love, minus the not necessary other. You can be in love with your life, in love with your friends, in love with your circumstances. That's your attitude, outlook. You can be just lovely and young and that's all the explanation necessary."

Ponder on that today, why don't you.
(Almost a much deserved weekend. Carry on.)


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