Monday, October 11, 2010


This morning, while working on my cup of coffee and finally getting to (virtually) flip through the pages of the new Lonny Magazine, I came across this dress from ASOS, and almost spilt my coffee.
I think it may be the perfect fall cocktail dress. Those earth and jewel tones mixed with metallics are the perfect touch of modernity, and the beautiful line and folds of the hem add such a soft feminine touch that these two aspects come together perfectly. It is actually very reasonably priced (and my wheels are already turning to think of an event this should attend on me) and you can find it where I did here
PS: If you don't read Lonny, and you do love fashion and decor, I suggest checking it out here. I could sing its praises and inspirations all the live long day, but I'd rather you see for yourself. 


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