Thursday, October 7, 2010

Give me...

...this striped stair case and painted pathway floor (not to mention that chandelier and molding):

 ...this chandelier and distressed headboard, complete with classic white bedding and a monogram. I literally drool over this:
 ...this clean and crisp kitchen with stained floors and gleaming countertops:
 ... this beautiful gallery wall of black and white prints, and the horizontal boarding and sea-colored paint of the wall itself. Also crazy about the lights above the portraits and the rustic accents on the bench.
 ... this garage-turned- outdoor-living-room (or whatever it is) that looks like the perfect place for entertaining or letting in the beautiful weather:

 ... the chalkboard behind this kitchen table. Perfect for grocery lists, to-do lists, inspirational quotes, or kid-friendly entertainment:
 ... the clean lines and contrasts of this staircase:
 ... this bedroom nook, with a view:
 ... this dreamy upstairs loft. It looks like the perfect escape, and could double as a guest bedroom.
Two things I have learned about my decor taste that are obvious in this post. It will always be summer in my home, and my future husband is never going to get what he wants.
All images are via this beautiful blog here.


Clint and Jeri Anne said...

Loooove these rooms . . . I might have to bookmark this post :)

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