Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm an art girl. When thinking about a room, color is my immediate consideration and in order to decide that, I almost always browse my choices for art first. My room is focused around an abstract painting my late aunt painted when she was fresh out of college, doing her art thing in Manhattan. With soft to dark shades of grey, pinks, and just a touch of light blue and gold, I have built my bedroom around this painting for years and know without a doubt it will be in my home, gathering attention and praise, for years to come.

A few other focal art pieces I've been drawn to lately. Etsy is an excellent place to shop for them, as they are steals for such fabulous work and originality is almost always guaranteed.

Loving this pop of yellow in a neutral room:
This beauty would be perfect behind a couch or on a large what-do-I-do-with-that wall?
This is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous for instant pops of color in updating details of a room.

I usually am only drawn to abstract art, but this rainy day city scene really catches my attention. 
Perfect for a bedroom done in white, blues, and grays. 

Similar, and still lovely.


Anonymous said...

hey sista....that painting in your room is on loan, no one said you OWNED it !!

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