Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kate Spade Saves the Day

Today has been one of those days, fast-paced and flying. Have my feet touched the floor? But I'm not complaining (as my mother so wisely informed me yesterday during my rant about over-bookings and over-scheduled days, "Busy means organized, Ainsley." Point taken.) So anyway, in a quick effort to satisfy my creative side (and to share that with you in a fleeting second) I headed over to Kate Spade. Having just been given a beautifully classic camel leather Kate purse, she was on the brain and I was wondering what else she had in store to strike my fancy on this busy Thursday. Here's what I got:

And strike my fancy they did. Can you imagine the possibilities with both these heels? I foresee them both amping up the sass on any outfit I pair them with. 
I was equally as enamored with their new fragrance campaign, Twirl. 

1. Fabulous name
2. Ridiculously fabulous photo

And then, when I thought I was adequately filled with the satisfaction I had gotten from Kate Spade today, I found her stationary. And, more specifically, her postcards. Hello, Adorable. 

So I think its safe to say, Kate saved the day. And I highly recommend a website browse if you've had a tricky day for yourself. 


Jane said...

loving the kate love ainsley!!!

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