Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smile and Sass

Remember when Annie said "You're never fully dressed without a smile"? We all know she was right. Sure, an utterly fabulous outfit will turn heads, but no one is going to really take to you unless you have your million-dollar whites showcased as well.
However, one thing Annie hadn't learned yet was sometimes, there's a need for a little more than a smile (lets not forget she was still an adolescent dealing with the hardships and tribulations of being adopted by a millionaire- she hadn't caught up to this point yet). And that addition to the smile, is a little bit of sass.
Oh yeah, I said it. And if you know me, you're not surprised.
I'm a big fan of the word sassy. Its conotation indicates fun-loving, happy, teasing behavior. An "I'm comfortable with myself" type of personality- an unspoken attribute that can exude from something as simple as a smile. Sure, there's a type of borderline-bad sass (borderline coming dangerously close to behaving like the rear end of a donkey). But for everyone's benefit, let's stick to the happy sass. The sassy behavior that draws girls and guys alike to a bubbly, good natured joking and fun self. Sassy in an 
I-dare-you way. Sassy in a lets-play way- Sass showcased perfectly in these signature street styles straight from The Sartorialist:


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