Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Happy for Your Tuesday

Have you ever fallen in love with a dress? Like, really swooned over an article clothing, then thought to yourself "If I want to eat this month, I have to put this back."

It happens to me. My obsession for a few particular designers who seem to know my body type like the back of their hand is a love/hate relationship. I love the look, I hate the price.

So when I stumbled across this website my roommate was browsing last night, I was hit with a definate ah ha moment. 

Ladies, meet

Wait. Now before you turn up your noses and say "Rent a dress, excuse?" Let me point out a few subtle but for sure winning-over facts about this genius idea. 

1. For ten percent of the cost of a designer dress, you can rent one you love. Because lets be honest, most of us only wear cocktail dresses once or twice before they are deemed "event un-worthy".
2. There is a five dollar built-in insurance fee. Which means, if you spill your glass of red wine, if a button comes off in your hand, if there is a loose thread, Rent the Runway is going to have it fixed for free. But don't worry, you won't be getting a worn and ragged dress before your big event. Rent the Runway dresses are only allowed to be rented a handful of times before the dress is retired. So, break it, they fix it, and when you get it, its practically brand new. Check.
3. When you order a dress, they'll let you have the size smaller or larger (you choose!) for free. That's right, free. So no being stranded without said dress the day before the event because it doesn't fit. Also, for just twenty five dollars, you can rent another dress... and still get the alternate size to that one for free.
4. Rent the Runway pays for return shipping. They pay for return shipping!
5. The website has complete pictures with easy to navigate tabs and a calendar to make sure the dress you have your eye on is available for that date. 

Easy, cheap, chic. Is this sounding too good to be true? Now, I'm aware this isn't the solution to most of our shopping obsessions (or problems). But it is the solution if you happen to need a gown for an evening. Or if you really want to wow at an event but your paycheck did have the same wow factor. 

The two founders, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter, have the cutest backstory that you must go read here.  And if you want a complete tutorial of how Rent the Runway works, you can find that here.  Otherwise, go scope out Rent the Runway here.


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