Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little girl in a big girl world

My hiatus from blog-world has left me with lots to say. Lots of love, ideas, theories, and new thoughts have filtered through this brain of mine for the past week, and through all my ah-haing at my discoveries, I have continuously felt like a little girl so mesmerized by this big sparkling world around her that she doesn't know quite where to start. At first, I credited this feeling with being a new graduate in a working world. That's right, as I send out press release after release, attend events, schedule photo-shoots, and go over advertising layouts, my new responsibilities and to-do lists remind me of how young and green I really am.
And then I got to thinking.

What was it about graduating from college that made me feel entitled to consider myself grown-up? Because after considering my explorations over the past week, more than a few things reminded me that Peter Pan syndrome is still infecting my mind:

Last week, I dug a hole in the sand with my bare hands that rivaled that of the eight year old down the beach.
Last week, I watched as my best friend ran into the ocean to catch a crab with a child's net. And named him John.
Last week, I sprinted full-speed into crashing waves.
Last week, I made a bucket list with my roommates.
Last week, I was giddy with excitement over a new puppy.
Last week, I ate peanut butter and jelly four times.
Last week, I asked for five more minutes when my roommate woke me up for work.
Last week, I was nervous to make new friends.
Last week, I bought a carton of chocolate milk.

So, do we ever really grow up? Do we ever really leave behind the child-like innocence that characterizes immaturity? Or, do we figure out how to evolve with it, cover it with a blanket when it should be hidden, tuck it away somewhere a little less public until the opportunity arises when we, full-force and fancy free, full of joy and laughter, free of inhibitions, worries, and stress, fling our arms open and accept the giddy joy of being a kid?
I like to think maybe that's it.
Bring it on, Peter Pan.


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