Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday + Community

First and foremost, who am I and why have I not been blogging? I have no excuses except for maybe the fact that there aren't 26 hours in the day. Life is going by fast these days, fast and beautiful with lots of colors and music and people. And amidst the hustle and bustle of each day, a calm settles over me because my love affair with this place is constantly growing and changing and shifting.  This blog is place to get rid of the overload of thoughts in my head on a daily basis, so trust me when I say, its crowded up there these days.

I was talking to my roomate Layne the other day about community. It got started when we watched this.
Layne: Isn't that just awesome.
Me: Yeah, you can tell they just feel so much community there.
Layne: um, they feel what?

So let me clarify.You know, the feeling you get when you share something with the people around you, whether it be family or friends, or strangers. It's when you all just get it, when the feeling strikes and you know without a matter of a doubt that each person in that place is feeling the exact same way. Don't lie, you know when the National Anthem plays at an event you get chills- you're feeling community with everyone there. It's what happens in a church when all heads are bowed and one single voice whispers a prayer. Its looking out at that larger-than-life ocean in the quiet time of day with your best friend and knowing you both just get it.
We are made to live for moments of community. We are made to connect, made to find the similarities in the different lives happening around us. We are made to live, to give, to grow, to win, to fail, to try, all together. It is one thing I've been thinking about a lot these days- the community I partake in, the sense of togetherness I feel on a daily basis, where I draw its source and, in turn, what sort of community I offer to those around me.
And I'm trying to work on offering a lot.
Happy happy Monday and I pinkie promise (to the meager numbers who read this blog) that I'll keep my thoughts updated.


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