Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"...He said we shouldn't be afraid to embrace whimsy. I asked him what he meant by whimsy, and he struggled to define it. He said it's that nagging idea that life could be magical; it could be special if we were only willing to take a few risks."
-Donald Miller

I came across this quote yesterday by means of one of my nearest and dearest, Ann Clark. And I can't stop thinking about it. First, I was perplexed by the term whimsy- perplexed, but inexplicably drawn to its description. Then, as I continued thought to determine its meaning in my own words, I drew a blank. What, exactly, is this whimsy that is going to allow a magical, special, no-holds-back sort of life? Embracing the whimsy in life. Embracing the what?

Then it slowly began to dawn on me. Perhaps this whimsy could be an action. It could be the next step toward a dream, a decision to do something unrealistic and wonderful, a step to go forward into the unknown without a plan. Or it could be holding hands in a big crowd, a dance when there's really no dance floor, a hug for no reason. Maybe its something you think you shouldn't do. Staying put when it starts to rain, wishing on that star even though you haven't since you were six, buying the flowers for yourself, or the shoes you've dreamt of even though you need new underwear, running into the ocean when the feeling overwhelms you. 

Perhaps whimsy is a word, a sentence. Perhaps it's saying thank you for nothing, I love you when it's least expected, Yes to an impossible request. Perhaps its telling that one person, I'm mad but let's fix it. Or maybe its saying, I don't tell you this enough...

Maybe whimsy is a feeling. Maybe it's feeling content with who you are, looking in the mirror and like who is there. Maybe its being in love, being completely enamored by another, or being loved wholly by those around you. Maybe its simply a feeling of special, a unexpected smile your way, a wink from a stranger, the door being held open.

But whatever this whimsy, whatever the definition or the idea or the words, one thing is for sure. Whimsy is happiness. And that differs for each and every person. Embracing the whimsy is embracing the happiness that on a daily basis we are all just a little timid to take part in, a little nervous that if we are too happy it may crumble underneath us, make us look like fools, draw attention to ourselves when we don't want it. But we should want it. We should want the whimsy we are entitled to, deserving of, expected by Someone much larger than us to partake in. If it's out there, and we aren't reaching, grasping, pulling it closer into our lives and nestling it into our everyday, then it is a gift that is floating above our heads, unused and forgotten. Because life is magical, it is special, and it is up to us to see it that way, to embrace it because we can, and because we have the means and the responsibility to do it. 

Here's to a whimsical day.


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