Thursday, May 6, 2010


Two is the lowest channel on the television.
Two is the number of bars in a Twix.
There are two people that make up twins.
2.0 is a C, or the second generation of technology.

Two is the number after one and preceding three.
The second letter of the alphabet is B.
The second month of the year is February, and day of the week is Monday.

Two is a tricky number. Two makes a pair- some of the best things in life often come in pairs. What significance does two hold in the reflection that this week has become for me and my fellow graduating friends/readers?
The funny thing about two is that it offten gets confused with to. Which is something I can relate to. Because we are going to do lots of things.

For the next two days, we are going to live maximally together. We are going to have conversations over coffee, take off for yogurt, go on long walks. We are going to borrow each other's clothes, have our nails done, lay out in this hot Mississippi sun. We are going to meet for drinks, make dinner plans, and celebrate birthdays. We are going to sit close, share blankets and summer plans. Then, we are going to take pictures off the walls, unmake our beds, pack boxes. We are going to close the curtains and turn off the lights. We are going to let the end sneak into our lives and push us out the door of this house together.

Then, for the next two years, the change will come. We are going to move into new houses, decorate new living rooms, and have new roomates. We will explore new cities, and try to make old cities ok without each other. We will meet new friends, potential boyfriends, and possibly husbands. Some will obtain graduate degrees, some will obtain engagement rings, and some will obtain their dream job. We, ourselves, are going to discover how to survive without our all our best friends at the breakfast table. But we are going to learn how to communicate. We are going to write the daily email, make the weekly phone calls, stay in touch. We are going to travel to each other and let things fall back into the same routine visit after visit. As change dawns upon us, it dawns upon me that being resistant to change won't stop it, but adapting our relationships to change will make us continue to thrive.

Lots of things to look forward to.
Two days.


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