Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Three. Wow.
Three's company.
The Three Musketeers.
Three is the first odd prime number.

Three is the name of a very catchy Britney song.
Three strikes and you're out.
There were three golf balls left on the moon.
Third times the charm.

I had three hopes coming to college.
1.To find a home in my friends. Check
2. To further grow in my relationship with my Father above. Check 
3. To explore, see new places, be open to new things that would further develop me. Check.

So now, there's nothing more to do than make three wishes for the future. For all of us who are leaving, waving goodbye to part of ourselves as commencement draws nearer and nearer: for you, for me, for the girl next door and my very best friends alike. Three wishes.
1. I wish that we never forget. Here, we have grown. We have come into our own, to the people we are today.For the people we are today will love harder, challenge more, be more open-minded, learn better, laugh harder, and dance more than we ever will in life.We have lived freer than ever before, and than we ever will. We have stayed up too late, woken up too early, traveled, played, lived. Here, we have met our matches, sent away the incompatible and kept the incomparable. We have met each other. We have loved each other. We have treasured each other. The memories we have made- jumping in the fountain, dancing in the storm, karaoke in costumes, blowing out birthday candles, emptying a bottle of wine- those memories will carry use, forever, through the good, the bad, and the ugly, through the happy, the hard, and the new. Those memories of these people will be our lifesource, our livestrong, and I pray that we never forget to remember.

2. I wish for us to be open-minded to the future. Our lives will become littered with new people, new places, new situations, new homes, new jobs, and new families. And despite the perfectness of this time now, I hope we will all embrace with wide open arms the changes in our future just like we have embraced our friendships these last few years. We stood on the cusp of college, coming from small towns and large cities alike, scared of the change that stood before us-- how were we ever to know the impact it would have on our lives? And while I am convinced I have experienced the best days of my life here, change is still good, and will continue to be good. I pray it is in our heart to accept the changes that will only enliven and enrich our lives. So I wish for us to recognize opportunity when there is one, be trusting of a new friend when she presents herself, know a good deal when you see one, and always always always face the future with a clean slate and the will to be happy. But of course, never ever forget who you are and where you came from. Which leads me to my last wish....

3. I wish, in the biggest, largest, tremendously most important way, that we continue to witness each other. Here, we have watched each other cry, laugh, fall in love, drink too much champagne, dance wildly, whisper softly, try hard, succeed, fail, grow, and love. We have watched our best friends get accepted, mourn deaths, hold hands, and try harder. It is my most important wish that we see these things continue-- that we continue to treasure these relationships we share, to nurture the home we have given each other in our hearts. There will come a day when we watch our best friend walk down the aisle, white gown swaying as she steps toward the hand of Prince Charming. We will watch each other tote boxes and move furniture into the first house of a new last name. We will watch each other cradle newborns, put shoes on toddlers, and cry at high school graduations. Now, as I blink back tears in the memories that surround me minute by minute, I can not fathom myself at 50, 60 , 70 years old. I may have gray hair, wrinkles, and orthopedic shoes (actually I'll never have those). But I know one thing to be true, even those many years away: I will continue to be a witness to my friends, for I know without a fathom of a doubt I will be as much by their side then as I am in this moment.
Three more days people.


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