Sunday, May 2, 2010


Six is the natural number following five and preceding seven.
Six is the number of strings on a standard guitar.
Six is the number of points received for a touchdown, and represents J and K on my Blackberry.
A senator can stay in office six years.
Diet Cokes come in a six-pack.
Six is a lucky number in China.
In six days, we graduate.
In six days, our four years of college are over, done, tied neatly in a bow and secured away with the photographs and videos that will litter our memories for years to come.
In six days, we will take our last walk to the Grove as undergraduates at Ole Miss.
Six days. One hundred and forty four hours. Eight thousand six hundred and forty minutes. Five million one hundred eighty four thousand seconds. Sounds like plenty of time when you say it that way. But its not. Sitting in the position I am now, looking back at how ridiculously quickly these four years have flown by, I am utterly amazed at the positive changes that have occurred along the way. And although I can only expect that for years to come, my sadness is finally settling on my heart for what I am leaving behind here. And although I can be thankful to remain here in the great city of Oxford for graduate school, there is already a certain nostalgia for what it was compared to what it will be for me in the future. So stay with me as I celebrate this last week, both in joy and in some sadness. We've only got six days.


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