Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finds from the Road

Remember that little road trip I told you about? Well, check out what I found along the way.

Just your average neautral sofa, right?

It's has tiny metallic threading intertwined throughout. And yes, that is studded trim along the top. J'adore, et toi?

 The velvet of these high-back chairs was so plush that it completely overshadowed the lack-of-an-armrest issue. I can practically hear them screaming chic.

My favorite find: look how deep this sofa is. Can't you see yourself drifting off to nap after afternoon nap on this little piece of love? I can. It like a not-quite daybed disguised as a couch.

Now, seeing as how all these pieces are a pretty penny, who has a get-rich-quick scheme for me to partake in to furnish my new home?


Bambi said...

WHERE did you find this sofa? I love it! I'd love to find something similar.


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