Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A few things...

First and foremost, pardon our mess. From Ainsley, with love is getting a makeover and the html is taking a bit of time. So, expect to see some changes in the next few days, and be warned that all may not be neat and tidy on the road to a new look.

Speaking of makeover, I'm cursed. Haven't I told you? Yes, I'm currently cursed with summer hair. I thought the Mississippi humidity a pain, but this beach sea-air is making waves in my otherwise long straight dark locks. So, in search for a day-to-night, from work-to-play 'do, I found these braid variations at Instyle (obviously) that I'm eager to take for a trial spin. Observe:
a side french: instructions here

a double twist french: instructions here

an angled french: instructions here

Lastly, I told myself I would refrain from blogging about SATC 2 again, but I pinkie promise its my last time to shed light on the famous foursome (I'll be otherwise detained preparing for my own personal premier of the movie this week- yes, I am absolutely one of those). However, this little article here at Instyle tracks Carrie from the very first season to the very last. For all you students of style out there, take note of the classics at they emerge.


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