Sunday, April 18, 2010

Toujours et pour jamais

Have you ever been in denial? Like seriously, deep denial. The kind where you truly believe with all your heart that if you shut your eyes very tightly and pray it isn't so, then its not?Well, I'm there. I'm in it.
The bad part?
You always have to open your eyes.

Currently, I'm having to open my eyes to the time of year. I'm not referring to the beautiful spring weather that has finally danced upon us, but to the particular time of this year. April, that comes before May, of 2010. The year of a new decade, year of the tiger, and year for my college graduation. I'm not blind to the road of opportunities that will lie ahead, and I'm not opposed to the change that is readying itself to whirlwind my life in an unknown (but surely exciting) direction. What puts me in my certain state of denial are the people this graduation is separating. 

You know these girls I write about.The ones that stole my heart four years ago and have kept it on a pretty tight leash ever since. They're the ones future hubby will have to love and future children will call Aunt ___.  I can't, for one single second, imagine living more than three minutes away from any single one of them. So you can see where the denial sets in when recognizing that in three mere weeks, our lives won't only spiral forward into the unknown, but outwards and apart. Trust me, I'm racking my brain for a way to freeze time.
Don't get me wrong- I can't imagine any force of this world that could possibly keep our friendships from growing not only stronger every day, but more comfortable as well, despite whatever distance might serve as an annoyance.The denial comes from facing the fact that I, and they, are going to grow, mature, experience things without living in the same house, sharing the same dinners, knowing each others' schedules down to the second.

Because even I, as a young-compared-to-the-grand-scheme-of-things, twenty-two year old girl, know how much beauty there is in the relationships girls share with each other in the time where life is just beginning, the time we are in now. That bubbly, happily-ever-after enchanted time of togetherness. So I'll go ahead and apologize for the fact that for the next three weeks, this blog may take a different route: a bit nostalgic, a documentary of sorts, for who we together are today. I'm going to hot glue my camera to my hand and give ode after ode to this time and these girls who have made life good I (lucky for you they are all beautiful , charming, and stylish, so you won't be devoid of your normal blog interests). So that when we are all thirty and flirty and thriving, or forty with precious seersucker-clad children and front porches, we can still open our bottle of wine, and not only look back and laugh, but look forward and anticipate even more years together as meilleures amies. Much more to come.


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