Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lovey #3

These girls:

These girls are my soulmates.
They can celebrate anything.
They can quote the best movies.
They find excuses for road trips.
And excuses to drink champagne.
They all think they're funny...
and they all are funny.
They can plan a party on a whim.
Or make plans in five minutes.
They love Sonic drinks, candy shops, and tailgating.They have sound advice, and wonderful stories.
And would rather be together all the time than be apart for a second.
They are single, taken, and engaged.
They are small families, only children, and one of many.
They are from all over the South, but joined here in Oxford for these fabulous, wonderful, giddy four years.
They all are the most lovely people anyone could ever know in this world.


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