Thursday, April 8, 2010


So my friends and I have been having lots of blog discussions lately:
What blogs we like. How we decide what to write about on our blog. How we chose the design for our blog. Whether blogs that follow a stream of thought, editorial blogs, or expert blogs are better. If we are narcissistic to think people would actually read our blogs.
Lots of thought went into these conversations (along with lots of laughs and commentary from our non-blog writing friends), and in lieu of such profound thoughts, I finally have a few concrete reasons for from Ainsley, with love:
1. To remember my thoughts, ideas, big dreams, worries, and inspirations from my twenties
2. As an idea board
3. To entertain, duh.
4. To unwind and get to a relaxed place after a long day, or
5. To start my day with a big cup of coffee and get my thoughts flowing
6. But most importantly, to have a creative outlet in this time of hectic schedules and to-do lists so that I can always cultivate that quality and feel like myself.

So thank you, friends, family, and strangers, however few or many, that take a second to read my pieces of thoughts and ideas (and sweet MCK for encouraging me to get to this place). And I encourage you, take the leap- start your own!


mary-kathryn said...

i agree... i was skeptical to start one, and now i am hooked, even if no one reads!

Kate Carter said...

ummm I believe one of our non blogger friends said "just blogging it" today, straight up inspiration right there.

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