Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lovey #2

Today (having missed yesterday) I am absolutely swooning over this new cover of Vanity Fair. Is it fair that these young Hollywood starlets have beauty, charm, charisma, endless bank accounts and fashion designers falling at their feet- all while being my age or not but a bit older? Answer: no. Do I love every single second of keeping up with their adventures? Answer: yes. Fresh-faced and light-hearted, these beauties embody natural beauty at its best. See the whole Vanity Fair article here.

Another thing I am loving right now, as usual, is a canopy bed. Specifically, this canopy bed.... I can imagine that once inside, it could simply take you away to a Sleeping Beauty dream-filled snooze. And oh, imagine the nap time possibilities.

Lastly, who's with me in my waiting for the newest rendition of Alice in Wonderland? I am loving all the hype surrounding this done-again classic by legendary Tim Burton. Be expecting a post all alone of Alice-inspired makeup and accessories just in time for this blockbuster.


googe said...

why don't you just take a photo of you and your friends and inset it here

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