Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lately now, I have been completely enamored with Jennifer Garner and her utterly feminine sense of style. She strikes me as the cutest mom, most ladylike wife, and what I imagine to be the most fabulous friend (of course, I see her fitting in with me and mine.) Always, always, always tastefully dresses, she is never caught looking rough around the edges, even when she's in her most natural state (ie chasing her daughter around a park). And this is largely due to her confidence: you can tell by looking at Jennifer Garner that she is truly very happy with her life, giving me yet another reason to simply adore her. Jen's a fan of a simple, curve-skimming silhoutte, bold colors, and gauzy fabrics- making her a fashion icon for my own personal taste. And with her recent movie, Valentine's Day (which i saw, and... ehh), she's been all over the social scene, giving me many opportunities to watch and take note.







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