Monday, February 15, 2010

It's funny on the days I have the most to do I seem to be able to post the most. Imagine.
And while you're imagining that, go ahead and imagine what it would be like to have this gem of a closet in your home.

Did you gasp? Because my roommate, Layne, and I did when we stumbled across this image via Delight by Design this evening. A white, light filled closet- absent of those clumsy drawers and doors, totally open for inspection. Such a cute vintage-y table serving as both the centerpiece of the room and as a functional piece of closet furniture (can't decide which jewelry looks best with your outfit? Why, just lay it all out on this fabulous table here for you to inspect!) The chandelier gives the whole closet such a glamorous feel, a feel that is exactly what the room for primping and self-indulgence should be for. Left-click and save to my "room ideas for future home" folder.


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