Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five things I love today

1. This lovely and spacious pearl bathroom totally reconfirms the old classic color rule: light is right. Right click and save for my future home. Via this is glamorous. 

2. This photo shoot in W Magazine. Each and every girl is herself quirky and cute, but the beauty is when all the girls are photographed together. Does it remind you of your girlfriends? Thought so.

3.One of my favorite Christmas gifts, Style and Substance: the Best of Elle Decor has had me wrapped around its little finger. This superbly designed showcase book is divided into living spaces- kitchen spaces, closet spaces, personal spaces, etc- and each decor and design is cool and refreshing, ensuring that you'll want to tab each page to try in your own home.


4.  Thank you, Tory, for designing a khaki (yes,shhh, khaki) mini that kicks the camp counselor image in the butt. With a fun length and girly bow, this skirt can be worn over and over for a variety of looks.

5. Despite all five foot eight inches of me, I'm a firm believer that taller is better (and thinner!) Miss Buckingham Heels via Peep Toe Shoes- worth every pretty penny. Is the nude not for you? This little find comes in essentially any color you want! Loving the purple pump with a LBD.


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