Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here she is


Meet Mary Catherine (and her wonderful slice of life at Lilies and Sparrows). This little lady is perhaps one of the most inspiring and dearest friends that I have. Although we are, sadly, separated by states, our reunions are always affairs to remember in the simplest of ways.  MCK has been my backbone through so much: it was her who tag-teamed the City with me, sent care packages in times of need, befriended my best friends, helped me discover what I truly loved doing for a career, and (after much pestering, prodding, encouragement and flattery) talked me into starting this little, tiny, piece-of-my-mind blog.

To her I am enternally grateful, for her I will never be able to give enough thanks, and with her I will be. Tomorrow.
xoxo MCK

PS: After you give Mary Catherine's blog a look, try out my sweet roommate Layne's blog here


HART said...

ains!! i love your blog- didn't EVEN know you had one! i have one myself but nothing close to this beautiful creation! have fun in albany with MCK and lets please have a girl date when you get back! i'd love that!-hart

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