Thursday, December 3, 2009

Elizabeth and James' Wish List

Who would have known that our favorite double trouble pair would not only turn out so utterly chic, but also aquire such a nack for designing the perfect feminine-with-an-edge pieces?

Minus eating disorders and alleged relationships with the late Heath Ledger, Mary Kate and Ashley's line continue to impress me with their comfy take on simple, classic items. A few staples from the Elizabeth and James Holiday Collection that will be on my wish list:
Kimberly Blouse
For a night out on the town, this plunging blouse is sure to steal the show.

Resort James Blazer
The cool cream color is a nice twist on this fall's blazer craze.

Cleo Shift Dress
Christmas parties, here I come!

Vannessa Blouse
My countdown outfit- meet you on the count of 1!

Alexandra Blouse
Chiffon. Need I say more?

Rizzo Suede Cuff Booties
Sassy and sweet, and all in between.

all via shopbop, aka shopping heaven


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