Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A little source of joy.

I have found my heart, and it goes by Bits of Beauty. I happened to stumble across this blog accidentally, seeing as I myself am a new blogger and find myself looking for inspiration in every spare moment (aka when I should really be working on my public relations final campaign). Its' fabulous writer, Ms. Jenn, genuinly captures the essence of all things stylishly beautiful. She has, perhaps, captured more of my own mind in her posts than I myself may be able to convey onto this blog. And as I find myself stumbling for the perfect description of the joy that I find when perusing the old pages of Bits of Beauty, I think I will give you a little taste of what I find so great... with hopes that it will make its way into your daily perusing as well, with as much giddiness as I feel over its content. xoxo Bits of Beauty.

Pop of Citrus

The way I wish I were...

She knows her leather



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