Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy {Big News} Weekend

I'm trying not to think about the fact that though we were prepared and ready the moment tickets went on sale today, we did not, in fact, get Justin Timberlake tickets in Nashville yet again before they all sold out. I choose to focus on how stunningly beautiful this day is. It is taking every ounce of willpower in my body to finish up the last of my to-do list before hitting those beautiful beaches... for what will be the last time for quite some time.
Why, you ask?
Well, big news from the Sunshine State-- I'm moving to Nashville!

I have been bursting to talk about this because this city is, in fact, one of my very favorites in the country and I'm thrilled at the opportunity to make it my new home. So, pull out those moving boxes. Get the label maker geared up-- this girl is making a move, again.

But until then, I've got sweet Dana  in town this weekend for some R&R and another two weeks of tying up lose ends on the Emerald Coast before I head north to Tennessee. A few things we old college roomies have on our agenda plus some things that have caught my eye for this week's Friday Finds
  • As I speak type, Dana is whipping us up this to fully promote beach bum mentality. Reviews to come if you're nice.
  • I just received these from Zappos and I give them two thumbs up as a chic daytime sandal. Bonus points for the super sale!
  • Speaking of sale, Guilt just put all my beloved Susana Monaco dresses on super sale as well. I snatched this one up, but they've got some great options if you're looking for a sexy shift + open back cut-outs like I mentioned here.
  • I'm obsessed with this site, and this article on Perfectionism-- whoa. Go read them all, like every article, and feel well. You're welcome.
Sp, wanna chat Nashville with me? Got some advice, somewhere for me to go, someone for me to meet (or a job that needs filled?)? I hope so. Shoot me an email here.

Until then, Happy Weekend!
Daily gratitude: new beginnings and opportunities!
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