Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: Punchy Blooms

Although our little beach town still has a little nip in the air, all this sunshine is finally going to my head, causing me to prematurely pull out my wedges, sheer shirts and sundresses—only to be left with chill bumps, reaching for my leather jackets. So, what's the quickest way to incorporate some spring if the temps still have you bundled up? A few shop-worthy florals and sport-worthy punches of color to accessorize with this March.

Shop it: Kate Spade's new arrivals are all about bright blooms and, per usual, their accessories combine just the right amount of sugar and spice. Giggling over this iPhone case, this sassy tote, and these 70s inspired rockstar wedges (hello, jeans and a simple white blouse). Or, you could pick up any of J.Crew's new liberty prints—so stunning you'll be questioning where they've been all your life.

Sport it: My makeup obsession is finally blooming at the ripe old age of 25 (while you were 16 and infatuated with color, I was still sporting the pink gloss + rosy blush + mascara combo). And, admittedly, I have a huge infatuation with lip color right now. Which is why I've been sporting this poppy color when I make last minute plans or am running out the door a little tardy for the party (talk about a mantra—this is mine here)— I'm loving the subtle navy eyeliner for an extra punchy pop. For an extra glowy look that will make you look as if you've been in the sun all day, pick up this $1—yes, it is seriously $1gel highlighter to apply along the inner corners of your eyes for instant brightening. I now swear by it. And if makeup isn't your thing, I've hopped on this emerald nails trend full-force for spring—you'll be surprised how well emerald nails will work with your wardrobe.

In totally unrelated news, Justin Timberlake is hosting and performing on SNL this Saturday. If you know me, you know I have blocked out my entire evening for this magnificent event.

Happy Wednesday!


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