Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Mantra + Some Love

The theme of this week is love.

Obviously I realize it's nowhere near Valentines Day. But I have a precious friend tying the knot this weekend and between that and the new engagement, I'm pretty fuzzy and sentimental right now. 'Tis the (wedding) season, after all.
So back to love. When was the last time you stopped to consider all of it in your life? Just this morning, I thought of my sweet sister, texted my brother's girlfriend, and responded to an email chain with my best friends—all in about ten minutes time. That's a lot of love. A lot of love I'm surrounded by and blessed with on a daily basis. A lot of love that I often times take for granted. A lot of love that is unending, through good and bad, through still or troubled waters, at first sight and last sight, always deep and meaningful and real.
As a twenty-something, we have a tendency to be a pretty self-obssessed generation as we navigate our "new" adulthood and find our path, making our way in the world.
The ambiguous world tell us, reach for the stars, if you dream it you can achieve it all, never quit, watch out for yourself, motivation motivation motivation.

But what about the loved ones doing the real motivating? Do they know their impact? I hope they know it. Every. single. one of them. But just in case, my mantra this week:

To the moms and the dads and the brothers and the babies and the sisters and the soulmates, whatever the kind.
And to our bride, Mary-Crosby—its your week, girl.
Happy Monday!


Mia Maree said...

This is a great post! I love all the l-o-v-e!! I think it is a great thing to relish all year long! I'm so fortunate to have a loving husband and great girlfriends in my life :-) Glad you do too!


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