Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fresh-Faced: Winter Wears

When I get just plain sick of my wardrobe, I always turn to my makeup stash to pull me out of my funk. Unfortunately, that happens rather quickly in the cold due to my dislike for winter attire—especially with this crazy Florida weather we’ve been having as of late (I mean, how exactly am I supposed to seasonally dress in January when it is 70+ outside?Seewhatimean?).

This winter I’ve taken it a step further with trying out some new things for my skin in order to acquire a summer-like glow throughout the chilly temps. Though it may be totally Day After Tomorrow wherever you are, I suggest trying out this concoction. It made my skin so pretty after just a few treatments, I didn’t even need my usual color-enhancing foundation.
But when makeup is a necessity, a few of my favorite faces to turn to when my closet seems less than inspiring:

I was born with rather large, deep set eyes, so I can’t pull off much color on my lids without looking like an 80s Flashdance actress. So, my day-to-day makeup looks a lot like this: pretty, pinkish-neutral tones and lots of lash. I just wish I looked like Minka pulling it off.

As of late, a heavier-than-normal dose of blush has brightened up my face. Paired with neutral eyes and simple lips, it’s a good option for most day occasions. I use a cream blush then dust a powder over it to make it set.

But to punch it up at night,  embrace the whole red-lip-pale-skin duo. The key here is very minimal eye makeup—I tend to skip the liner as a whole and dust a translucent highlighter along my bottom lash line and in the corners of my eye before mascara application to brighten up the eyes quite a bit.

Jessica Alba’s Golden Globe makeup is so spot on here—that punchy coral is perfect for an instant pick me up, and I’m searching for the perfect replica.

Lastly, liquid eyeliner is my friend (I know many who won’t touch it) and perfecting the winged liner gives a nice subtle glam for any occasion.
Just some good, simple tricks to freshen up your look until it is finally time to pull out the sundresses and wedges—that I can't wait for.
(Photo credits and more makeup inspiration via the Fresh Faced Pinterest board)


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