Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday Mantra + Progress

Don’t you love it when the ole Monday Mantra appears on a Tuesday? And this is after a week without writing on the ole blog. Whowouldathought? Sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches. And if that means sitting down every day for a week to write and drawing a big fat blank, then you roll with it. Or if it means forgetting to schedule the post time on your original Monday Mantra, then you roll with it. Or if it means that every time you have written for the past month, it’s been raw, from-the-heart thoughts and opinions versus your normal lifestyle topics, then so be it—you roll with it (and hope your readers don’t mind).
I guess what I’m learning this month is that He’s teaching me my plans, even the smallest ones, are interrupted by every day life and to keep on keeping on instead of feeling the defeat. So, without further adieu, the regularly scheduled post I was supposed to bring to you yesterday:

The holidays are here in full-force and I’m more impressed than ever by the people that can do it all. Select the perfect presents for their loved ones, tied in pretty-as-a-picture packaging. Host a holiday get-together for friends effortlessly, complete with personalized seating cards. Decorate their abode straight from the Southern Living Christmas issue, and still have time to work 9-to-5, pick the kids up from school, and fix dinner for the family—and that’s after addressing 150 Christmas cards, mind you.
And, honestly, with life happening as usual, making time for all the extras sound so hard.
Despite my pinning and planning and decorating and gifting, I still feel a little frayed around the edges in preparing for the holidays. I just finishing stamping my Christmas cards. I’m still not done with my holiday shopping (last minute gift guide, anyone, anyone?). My recipe for Christmas treats for the neighbors and coworkers is still hanging on the fridge, untouched. And I was good to get a wreath hung on my front door this year. Dinner parties? Cookie exchanges? A Christmas tree, for heavens sake? Not this year, it seems. Which, unfortunately, can be a little defeating if I wallow in it because more than anything, I want to be the woman who can.
But then, I remember that I’m 25. And it is Christmastime. And what matters is that I have friends to throw open my door for, arms open and champagne to pour. That I have family to pack all my suitcases for and head home on Friday to hug. That I am able to purchase sentimental mementoes for the ones I love because I am blessed with a job to roll out of bed for every morning. And that I am able to walk and dance and sing to celebrate the season. That woman? I’ll get there. But until then, the perfect reminder:
So here’s to a week of holiday cheer, happiness, and hugging your loved ones. Back tomorrow for all you last minute shoppers.


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