Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Treats: Icons

I’m no history buff: I like certain time periods and certain eras. But there is one thing I’m constantly on the search for more information from: style icons.

What makes an icon? Whether it be for their art, personal style, or lifestyle, certain individuals define the quest many of us seek in defining these things on our own. Aside from my obvious obsession with the Kennedy family and Olivia Palermo, there are other icons I keep my eye out for, reading as much as I can and always entranced at their lives and the impact they made on society in each unique way. Often controversial, sometimes subtle, these individuals had It—and the world knew it and watched:

{Bridgette the Bombshell}

{Lee Radziwell created and defined 'street chic'}

 {Andy and Edie: the maker of modern art and his muse}

{Carolyn Kennedy, the definition of minimalist chic at its best} 

{Jane Birkin, artist/singer/actress and love of all things French} 

{Marilyn. Period} 

{Paul Newman, the great creator of sex appeal}

I’m curious to know who my grandchildren (God willing) will look back on and be interested in as the Who’s Who of icons during my lifetime. If I had to guess, these would be in my yearbook:
 {The Romantic: Marion Cotillard}

 {The heartthrob: Mr. Clooney himself}

{The Bombshell: Blake Lively} 

{The Girl Next Door: Jen Anniston} 

{The Style Icon: Olivia (duh)} 

{The Rockstars: Bowie and Kate} 

{The Trifecta: No words needed}

{The Artist: Leo Dicaprio}

For more icons of yesteryear and some up-and-comers, visit my Icon Pinterest page here (also where all photo creds are located).


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