Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Style Inspired: Miranda Kerr

We all know I love Olivia P. The girl can do no wrong in my style-seeking eyes. But someone has really surprised me on the fashion radar in the past year or so, and is suddenly giving Olivia a run for her money on my Style Seeker board. And that is Miss Angel herself, Miranda Kerr.
The sex kitten-turned-mama showed up on my radar shortly after she began dating Orlando Bloom (direct correlation to style improvement? Hmm...) Nonetheless, I can really relate to her minimalistic style with funky or girly details thrown unexpectedly into the mix. She, too, has an appreciation for good lines with a punch of impact and a lot of class—just my girl. A few of my favorite looks from one of my favorite style icons—you've seen a few before, but that just means they've stood the test of time!

Girly elegance in a sheer blouse and a classic mini:
I adore this statement coat paired with otherwise simple pieces:
What's more classic than a trench with a soft up-do?
 Black on black on black—with leather, zippers, and pointy toes (which, btw, are back for Fall in a big way):
 Bright and fun, with just the perfect amount of edginess in the necklace and shoes:
 Leather skinnies add a funky twist to an otherwise classic ensemble:
 Or mix the same concept up with leather shorts and bright red lips:
 Tuxedo pants, deep-V silk blouse, simple pony—I love it all;
 Kerr seems to really love a pair of simple, black, pointy-toe pumps:
A funkier look than her norm, but I love the western booties paired with the black blazer and sheer print top:
Keeping a super sexy slit elegant:

Conclusion—I want to recreate all these in my wardrobe for Fall.
Photos  credits via here


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