Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy {Rainy} Weekend

It's been raining, raining, raining here on the coast—I think for almost a month straight, save the random sunny afternoon we may have been generously blessed with here and there. This weekend isn't looking to be much different, so I've planned accordingly with a Friday friend dinner in, Saturday bookstore browsing and craft day, and lots of new movies to be watched and books to be read in bed.
Sounds cozy, huh? I suppose a rainy weekend can be good for the soul.
A few Friday Finds for what is hopefully your sunnier weekend:

  • The Annie Griffin Collection. I made a list of about ten things I want from the Fall and Holiday collections. Stay tuned for an upcoming post!
  • These funky tuxedo pants. Such a steal and could be styled a million ways. 
  • While we're talking styling, I'm dying to put together this exact outfit. J'adore. And do you know what I imagine to be on her feet? These shoes I'm dying to get my hands on.
  • Ok, on to food. I'm introducing some of my Florida friends to a classic Mississippi dish tonight: fried green tomatoes. While I'll be using mama's recipe, this one sure does look good, as well.
  • Goal for the weekend? Find a new agenda book. Seeing as how picky I am with planner specifications (I have to have lots of room to write and boxes for organization), if I don't find one Saturday, I'm ordering this one. And no, I don't want to just use my iPhone. I like to write things down. Any recommendations out there?
  • Obsessed with this pretty and feminine place setting—lovely is the one word to describe it.
Hope you have a cozy weekend on your agenda!
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