Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Easy-As-Pie 4th of July

Something about our nation's birthday brings out a kid in me—one that wants hot dogs on the grill, sweet snacks with fresh fruit, and a red solo cup in hand (given the contents of that cup have changed over the years). Minimal makeup necessary, just a cute suit and some sunscreen until the sun sets and the fireworks light up the sky. For me this year, it will be toes in the sand, the smell of sunscreen mixing with the scent of the grill, watching fireworks to the tunes of a live band until everyone is up dancing in the moonlight (cue my favorite song)—no hosting, table-settings, or head counts required. Yes, I'm having a no frills Fourth of July this year and I couldn't be more excited.
Two things to consider when you're attending the party and not throwing it. What to bring and what to wear? A good guest always brings a contribution to the party and you'll want to make sure your attire is on point for the festivities, as well. Whether by land, lake, or sea, easy options paired perfectly together ensure that you are perfectly put together. Three pairings for my three favorite ways to celebrate America's birthday:

1. The Beach Club Celebration: Watermelon cut out in the shape of stars then frozen are so festive and fun that no one will consider how simple your beach snack was to prepare. Paired with the easiest on the fly outfit of all—a cute, comfy suit in your nation's favorite colors—there's practically no prep time necessary.

2. The Family BBQ: Red, white, and blue all over—patriotically dipped and sprinkled pretzels will be a hit with your grandmother, aunt, and cousin's toddler alike. Paired with a classic American ensemble—red and white strips with Wayfarers—you'll be the picture of stylish patriotic perfection with Kennedy appeal.
3. The Lake House Getaway: The only thing better than sparklers on the dock might be these sweet stuffed strawberries paired with casual cut-offs and a pretty chiffon top—perfect for when the sun goes down and the cool lake air takes over.

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