Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy {Birthday} Weekend

Wow, Friday got here quickly this week. Is it just me, or has time sped up a little recently? Nonetheless, it's weekend time.
It's my birthday weekend (yep, uh huh), so there are a few fun things on the agenda to bid farewell to 24. Lots of live music, pampering, and a few bottles of champagne shared with friends to be included. But for you, without further adieu, a few Friday finds for a fabulous weekend:

  • Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm still obsessed with ole John's new record, especially this song.
  • I need to re-create this look asap. If you can help, I'll send you a piece of birthday cake. 
  • Speaking of style, have I introduced you to my new favorite girl-on-a-budget website? Gotta do some digging, but there are some fabulous finds, and new arrivals are always 30% off (yes, really). Check it out here. I ordered this as my birthday dress, and I really feel like someone should give me this "With Love" necklace... (ahem, blog name).
  •  Ever been in a situation that you know scripture would make better, but you aren't sure where to find it? Problem solved, here.
  • Wrapping it all up with this video—commanded to love, and the world actually is good. Watch here.

Happy Friday, lovelies!

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Haley said...

happy birthday!!

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