Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Art Addiction

Well, I did it. I survived the big 2-5! I have a long post in the Drafts folder on everything that the monumental birthday meant to me, because due to your sweet birthday emails, comments, and messages, I know more than a few of you were in/are in/will be in the same boat of self-reflection that I was in for the landmark—but right now it feels a little too personal to throw up for you (or I'm just scared, duh). The moment will come (perhaps after a glass of wine), but until then, let's talk about an obsession of mine.
Art. Obviously.
My most prized possession is an abstract painting my late aunt did that hangs in my living room. I stole borrowed inherited this from my mother when I was a sophomore in college, and have decorated rooms around the blush pinks, creamy neutrals, and hints of deep navy in this statement piece ever since. Obviously not equipped with the funds to buy all the original art I want, it is the first thing my eye goes to when shopping for the home. I can spend hours wandering around an art museum, whatever the type (though modern abstract is my personal preference). It is the first thing I notice upon entering any type of space, reading any interior design blog, or flipping through any coffee table book. Had I decided to choose a major that would make me any less money than mine in journalism did, I would have been an art major—but plenty of art history classes among my writing classes in college fueled my passion.
I remember wanting to be two things before I decided I wanted to be a magazine writer. Those two things were a ballerina and an artist. And I am of the belief that these passions still fuel my personal style today. So, of course, I decided that when the time comes, I'd like my first real "investment piece" for the home to be another statement-making, conversation-starting piece of art, like any of these curated below:

I am in love with this artist, Amy Sia. I've posted this painting before but seriously y'all, I need it in my home:
This slightly darker abstract by Caroline Wright would be so perfect in a few of my lighter (read: mostly white and neutral) rooms, and is probably more of a sensible purchase:
However, I adore the metallic in this painting—funky, fresh, and simple. I can't find the original source yet, so if you know, hit me up. In the meantime, I may use it as a little inspiration for my own and try my hand at a simple metallic abstract:
And a little more metallic, with pretty colors and one of my favorite prints via Etsy here:
Lastly, another pretty-in-pink painting from Kathryn Markel, which actually reminds me of a more chaotic and pink version of my aunt's own one-of-a-kind:
Yes, I'll be the girl with no furniture in her future home but with fabulous paintings taking up space on all my walls.
I'm fine with that.


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