Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Putting Neon On

I'm all over this neon trend right now. I picked up my first serious piece of neon (by serious, I mean not worn to an 80's theme party) two years ago when J Crew started featuring the colors amidst their v-neck tees. Flash forward a few months and a pair of neon green Sam Edelman t-strap sandals I wear with everything later, and neon is one of the hottest trends on the market. Always looking to incorporate trends into my existing wardrobe (until I find a billionaire to marry and pay for my shopping hobby), I've had my eye out for fun pieces of neon jewelry that don't break the bank, but are expertly crafted enough to withstand a little wear.
Cue: Bauble Bar.
Bauble Bar has been my first stop in jewelry selection for a while now, but after seeing a segment on my morning addiction, The Today Show, on neon jewelry, I was at my laptop so fast my coffee almost drenched my settee. Searching for a few neon accents of your own? Have a look at my faves:

But I can't end this post without giving credit to Bauble Bar for one of the most fun pieces I've seen this season: the fresh and slightly comical Twitter handle necklace. Cough, my birthday is in June. And you can follow me on Twitter—@FromAinsley.
Check out Bauble Bar's entire neon selection here
Happy Wednesday—you're halfway there! xoxo


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