Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On Contentment (Again)

Guess what we did last night?
We sent the May/June issue of VIE off to the printer, that's what.
There's something to be said about accomplishing a huge task. Satisfaction. Pride. Contentement. Ah, sweet contentment. I'm on a never-ending journey for contentment. It's the goal of every single day. Stressed, anxiety, heartache—push it all over to find contentment. He's got it under control and sending little moments to me every day to remind me that life is, in fact, oh so good.
When the perfect song comes on.
When you're driving towards the sunset.
When you're sitting on the beach in perfect peace.
When you look up to realize you're doing what you love.
When you read a sentence that speaks to your heart.
When your friend's voice covers you in love.
When you put your name on something you're especially proud of.

When I'm creating something, crafting something from the bottom up, contentment dawns. I'll pull words from the air and discard them just as quickly until the perfect one sits snuggly in a sentence, and contentment will glow. An idea will float right in front of me, and as I form it into thought, contentment sings. Inspiration fires up the jets of contentment. Love fuels contentment. Contentment is everywhere, it's just a matter of knowing where to look for it.
Contentment, for me, comes from knowing who I am, what I'm good at, doing it every day—and being satisfied there. Keeping the wishing, wanting, and desiring in check in order to appreciate this moment, this day. When I stamp my signature on something truly good, whether in the office, at home, in a relationship, or in my never-ending journey with Him, contentment covers me.

It's a good feeling right now.


Whitney said...

i find it so amazing that God puts things in your path right when you need them. I needed to read this, very badly, today. Thanks for the post, and even without you knowing-- helping me find the good in every day.


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