Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy {Friend} Friday

I'm ecstatic about this weekend.
The girls are coming to town.

You know the girls. The girlfriends, knowers of my innermost workings, keepers of our best memories, favorite people on this planet (except for my fam who continues somehow to put up with me through thick and thin).

Many of whom I haven't seen in, oh, about six months. How does that even happen, you ask? Because although I adore my quaint beach town, I'm a good eight hours away from these lovely ladies. And as many of you know, work/life gets in the way from the monthly road trip we originally promised.
So here we go. A whole week of girlfriend time (though, sadly, the whole crew won't be here), starting last night when sweet Haley graced me with her presence and an armful of sweet homemade treats at about 11 pm. Going to sleep was hard, to say the least. 
To top it all off, Sister will be here Wednesday, but that's a whole different excitement. Bring on the soulful conversations, giggles, and cocktails. I'm armed and ready.

Happy Friday dears, see you Monday!
(all images via my Pinterest board here)


Haley said...

So, so fun! I'm many many hours from my greatest friends too so I completely get your excitement!

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