Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dashing Wednesday

Dashing in today during a super busy week—so sorry for missing Tuesday. So much to say, but it will have to wait until tonight when I can sit down with my laptop to prepare a proper post. So much on the agenda for this weekend, month, and spring in general.
I am so thankful.
Until then, two bright pops of neon that made my day and my wish list.

The second is clearly J Crew here, but who can help me find a pair of beloved neon skinnies like above? Direction appreciated.
While we're at it, how about an oldie-but-goody that has me tapping my toes?
And don't you forget to check out the new issue of VIE online here for a few appearances from yours truly.
Happy Mid-Week Wednesday!


Elizabeth said...

i don't know where those exact ones are, but.... they're are some really cute jbrand ones, and 7s at bloomingdales.

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