Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Attention Boyfriends

Hi fellas. This post is for you. Chances are, you were forwarded this blog by your girlfriend today (since I think I have maybe one male reader. Hi Dad). Whatever the reason, I've gathered a few favorite picks for sweet Valentine's Day gifts. They are all very reasonably priced, because if you're spending big bucks on a Valentine's Day present, then you're already absolutely positive the lady in your life will absolutely adore it. I mean, I super want every single one of these, so they're bound to work, right? (Sidenote: these all also work very well for parents who adore their sweet daughters, cough)

1. For the sentimentalist. Kate Spade solid gold Idiom bangle. $48. Notice the sweet engraving on the inside.
2. For the subtle glamourai. Tory Burch logo stud. $68.
3. For the fashionista. Embellished native clutch. $26.80. 

4. For the techie. Kate Spade NY iPhone case. $40.
5. For the hipster. Ray Ban original Wayfarer, with red interior. $150. 
6. For the planner. Hot pink MyAgenda. (half price!) $21.50.
7. For the trendsetter: The Sartorialist. $25.00.
8. For the cuddler. VS oversized tee. $39.50.
9. For the sweetie. Coach Poppy. $65. 
10. For me. These Current/Elliot blush leopard jeans. $198.
If you order now, you'll get in before the weekend. Happy shopping, lovebirds!


Kathleen said...

LOVE all these things!! Yesterday I said I only wanted a card for VDay...can I take that back?

Whitney said...

i purchased the Kate Spade idiom bangle yesterday after seeing it on your blog... i drove straight to the kate spade store after work and picked one up for me and my BFF for her birthday. OB.SESS.ED. now i need every one of them.

ps-- new follower, and i love it :)

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