Sunday, January 22, 2012

VIE Neck Candy

Have I ever told you I loved my job? Once or twice maybe... a day? Guilty.
It's true, I do. I love it. It is forever presenting me with new opportunities, challenging me to be better, smarter, and more able, fine-tuning my creative skills, and just plain making me happy. 
For anyone that is confused right now, I work for The Idea Boutique, publisher of VIE magazine. (You better check out those links.) One of my favorite things about my lovely job is getting to discover up-and-com-ers. Whether it be fashion-related, music-related, art-related, or basically anything-related, VIE loves to feature those individuals who we just know are going to make it big. Which is what brings me here today: HeavyMetal Jewelry by Lauren Weiner.
She's only been designing jewelry since 2010, but it was then that this Nashville-based jewelry designer took apart her first piece with a pair of pliers and reconstructed it into a new masterpiece. The girl has got serious talent for designing one-of-a-kind, eclectic pieces from vintage jewelry. Her pieces are so eye-catching, in fact, that they'd instantly update the simplest of outfits into something super chic. A few of my faves:

VIE just so happens to be giving away a one-of-a-kind piece designed exclusively for us! And it is gorgeous. It's super easy to enter- like,"click of a button" easy. Just visit the VIE blog here for details! 


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