Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011: Snapshots of My Year

With all my excitement for NYE and 2012, I stopped and took a moment this morning to look over photos from the past year. Slightly surprised by the change and now slightly nostalgic, I pulled a few of my favorite snapshots that document 2011:
Mississippi snow day.

One last night at the cabin, home to many weekend getaways and dance parties
St. Patrick's Day parade
Down on 30A

Lady Gaga weekend in New Orleans


Steeplechase in Nashville.
City Grocery: Our favorite Mojitos in Oxford

The Gannaway-Sudduth Wedding
First photo shoot with work, behind the camera (+ wine)

First photo shoot with work, in front of the camera

Some of the VIE team after a photoshoot
He wasn't happy about this
The VIE team

Here's to preparing for a pretty fantastic 2012!


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