Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi there November

I was putting together a post on neon and then I remembered it was November.
I'm not sure how the two correlate, but nonetheless, how is it seriously already November?

I'm quite pleased to see the beginning of a new month. I've been forced to think about change a lot lately, and how sometimes things don't end up being exactly what we thought they'd be. But this is good. And there is so much beauty in accepting change.
I've also been thinking about the decision to change. We make it every day. To order the cafe au lait instead of the skinny vanilla latte you've been ordering since Starbucks came to be. To paint your nails gray instead of your token red. Every time we make a different decision, it's accepting change and making the decision to change. And the smallest of changes can be momentous, because those small changes can add up to big change, even before you realize it. Think about that.

I'd rather my changes add up to something momentously positive, especially if I'm unaware that they are affecting me. And we all know I'm a self-improvement junkie (and if you don't, then you do now). So my November is unofficially the month of small changes. When I moved down here to the Emerald Coast, I decided I was going to become a "yes" girl in order to say no less and carpe diem more often, experience this new place to the fullest and dive into new friendships whole heartedly. It's been fantastic, to say the least, but this November it's time to say yes a little less often and make some time for positive me-changes. I'm so guilty of flying by the seat of my pants, staying on the go, and never sitting still long enough to pay attention to myself. So, small changes for November sounds like a plan.

  • Take care of myself in a healthier way.
  • Invest my little time in meaningful missions and not exclusively social situations.
  • Spend my hard-earned salary a little more wisely.
  • Take a daily breather to remember how lucky I am.

Are you taking enough time for yourself and the things you love?
And just because:


Mallory said...

Ainsley, your blogs are always so inspirational- they really help me through this rough year of pharmacy school, so thank you. Great song by the way!

Cassie said...

I COMPLETELY relate to this entire post. You and another blogger I follow have just spoken exactly what I am feeling today. Thank you for this post..and good luck with all your changes. I plan on making a few myself.

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