Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy {Finally It's Fall At the Beach} Weekend

I know everyone has been on a Fall kick for months, but here at the beach the temperatures have finally dipped below 80 degrees to a crisp 65 that calling everyone to bring out their boots, jackets, and autumn attitudes at last. The only thing we're missing are the leaves changing colors, but I guess that brilliant sunset directly over the water will have to do...

The much anticipated weekend is going to bring in a festive Fall beer-band-and-BBQ outdoor event, a little Fall shopping, and deciding and putting together my Halloween costume (which I still haven't settled on- ideas?)
Happy weekend lovelies!


Style Maniac said...

Fall + beaches = two of my favorite things (together, or apart).

p.s. At the HP Market this week your dad told my husband about your blog. They thought we'd like each other's style and they are right! Love your aesthetic, looking forward to discovering more in your archives.

Doreen / Style Maniac

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