Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hot Color

It's no secret I'd eat peanut butter every day for a month in order to be able to make unrestricted additions to what I like to call my collection of clothes. Due to a few unforeseen expenses this month and the fact that I'm a post-grad who's still very much on a budget, I have to be smart about what I'm adding, making sure it's versatile, affordable, but with a worthy shock-factor and the potential to be a lasting trend.
Enter J.Crew (surprise, huh?)
While perusing their website last night, I was light-headed over their use of color with classic ensembles, leaving me lusting over a few more bold statement pieces in my wardrobe for fall and winter.
 It seems I'm expecially drawn to red this fall. Adore the matching shoes and jacket with a crisp and classic pencil pant and striped blouse.
 Hello yellow. Adore this entire ensemble.
I've said it too many times- I need a cape. Especially to wear with black skinnies and riding boots.

J'adore, j'adore.


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