Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Comeback Kid

Hello lovelies. 
I'm alive. Yes, I'm very much breathing and drinking an iced coffee right now. Surprised? I am a little, too. To say the last two weeks have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. A fabulous, ridiculously exhilarating whirlwind if you'd like me to clarify. But a whirlwind none-the-less.
So in case you were wondering where I've been, which I hope you have, I thought I'd do a quick two-week recap (not to be confused with my first fashion week experience recap, which is drafted up for tomorrow complete with pictures and ooey-gooey southerner-in-the-city stories).

I jetted off to New York two weeks ago where I was in the city for seven days, which may or may not have felt like an entire year. Remember how I promised to blog from location? Well, that was before I realized my schedule was going to be so jam-packed with shows, photo shoots, interviews, and lunch/coffee/dinner/cocktail dates that when I finally discovered a spare moment, I was much more inclined to elevate my poor sore feet and close my mascara'd eyes for a little rest.

Fast forward through the longest/best week of my life to arriving home late last Thursday evening to an inbox so over-run with PR requests and a puppy who missed me so very much that I never managed to hit the off switch. Friday ushered in not only a well-deserved weekend, but a little last minute family visit as well, where sunshine was the only thing on the agenda. But after feeding me more home-cooked meals than I've had in months, reality called them home and I was left to return to my "normal" schedule. Which I'm discovering may not be so normal after all.
Monday's schedule at the office:
Catch up on emails. Check
Press releases. Check.
Couple of conference calls. Check.
Magazine strategy meeting. Check.
Photo shoot coordination. Check.
Dinner in an Alys Beach villa with a private chef. Check.
Wait what? Yep, you heard me. I'm quickly realizing that this fabulous company and magazine I'm a part of is a far cry from your stereotypical business venture. Which is why during a photo shoot for an upcoming feature on Alys Beach, my publisher and mentor managed to treat the office to dinner with Chef Ed at the photo shoot location.
 Overseeing a shoot with a glass of wine in hand.This photo is very descriptive of my life and I don't really mind it so much. 

Darby and I, often referred to as the VIE PR girls, the Double Mint Twins, or our self-proclaimed favorite, the Dream Team.  
Good times had all around that evening. Next up (and the next day), another photo shoot at Alys Beach, this time featuring the fabulous Spring 2012 bathing suit line from one of my very favorite up-and-comers, the Leona Collection. I don't want to show you too much, but here's a little sneak peak of what will be in the October issue of VIE:

No I'm not a model. Yes, my publisher can talk me into anything. 

We finally wrapped the feature Tuesday night, and were able to spend Wednesday and Thursday in the office playing catch up all-around and trying to survive the constant demands of my inbox. Friday had us at a conference representing the magazine as official sponsors, which we managed to sneak out of a bit early at the gracious request of our boss to close the office early. Of course I never mind starting the weekend a little early...

So here I am. Back after an unofficial break. I missed you, so very much, and have so much bouncing around in my brain for you I really felt that a general unloading of these past few weeks was essential in order to move forward and back to regular scheduled programming. I hope you missed me. I'm so thankful for all your encouraging and curious emails, texts, Facebook posts, and all the other ways many of you tried to get in touch with me and gently tell me to get back to the drawing board. And it worked, because here I am. So I sincerely hope you'll keep stopping by regularly again! 

I know this post was somewhat of a novel, but I'll close on this one little thought. As exhausted as I am, it is a rewarding exhaustion. When people ask me how things are going, my first response is always "Busy!". But this busy is the best busy I've ever known. And it's best summed up in a text message I got from my beloved bestie, MCK (let's be honest, you all know who that is by now) while she was in New York with Leona at market:

"In case you were wondering, we've got the lives we've always been envious of. xo."

I need to write that on my heart. Because when my schedule goes haywire and I realize I've forgotten to put the sheets on my bed before crashing into it or something of the like, I'm okay with exhaustion because it's from doing exactly what I want to be doing. For now, at least.
Are you?
See you back here tomorrow for a little post-Fashion Week.
(First two photos are my own. The rest are courtesy of VIE behind-the-scenes photographer via the magazine's Facebook page.)


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