Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello, I'm Ainsley and I have a height complex

I had a dream last night about shoes. You laugh, but I really did. I did because my shoe closet needs some spice and I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Some colorful, textured, sky high spice. You see, I'm a good 5'8. So all the fabulously sassy heels out there that are average, ohfive inches tall, make me tower into the sky. Often I lust at these from afar, picking them up, turning them over in my hand while mentally calculating the fact that I would be around 6'1 in most. But I love shoes- especially a fun pair of outfit-making statement shoes. I build outfits around them in my daydreams, I talk my much shorter friends into purchasing them, I do anything to feel just a little bit of the satisfaction I would feel from buying them, without actually buying them due to my tall complex. I normally leave the store with a flattering pair of nude wedges (my favorite shoe- I'm up to about four pairs now) or a classy pair of pumps, both no taller than three-ish inches. But then I dreamt about shoes, and I decided I'm done with that jazz. I have all the nude wedges and every type of pump a girl could need. So, sorry all you fellas under 6'1, it's time for a shoe revolution in Ainsley's closet. It's time to be leggy. Lucky for me, Victoria shared her secrets in my inbox this morning and I created quite the statement shoe wishlist to say the least, starting with these:
I think that's a good start (read: purchase). Now on to the rest:

Thank you, Victoria, for the shoe intervention. Goodbye habit shopping, hello shoe fetish.
I'll keep ya posted.
(green, snakeskin, bootie, leopard, peep toe)


Masey said...
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Masey said...

I'm so proud! Can't wait to see your sky high heels!

Lauren Taylor Shute said...

Girl, I am 5'10 and I am FULLY rockin out some platform heels! Any guy under 6'1 isn't worth it anyway :)

I used to be the same way about having a height complex, but then I realized, who do genetics think they are to keep me from wearing fabulous shoes?!?

Gild and Grace said...

These are great! Lovely blog. I'm your newest follower :) Abbey x

Amanda B. said...

Love this! I'm 5'10 and I've been shying away from high heels for too long...but after reading this post I just might have to make some new purchases!

Ainsley said...

Thanks for the awesome feedback girls! Makes me so happy- keep 'em coming!

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