Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy {New To-Do} Weekend

I'm starting something new.
I like to-do lists. You know that about me. And if you didn't, now you do. So I'm going to make a fun to-do list every Friday.
Does that sound a little backwards? A fun Friday to-do list? A little. So let's think of it as more of a weekly bucket list that I'm absolutely going to accomplish. And here's why:
Have you ever looked around the very place in which you live and recognized how many things you surprisingly have never thought twice about? The old vintage store on the corner, the book store tucked between the boutiques you frequent- whatever it may be, the hidden treasures that are in neighborhoods across the country that our busy or preoccupied eyes often scan right over. What about the things you wish you'd done? The things that sound so lovely in theory but gosh darn it, you just absolutely have no time for. I work a lot during the week, with work events often taking up much of my after-office hours. But, I still want to explore those places. And do those things. I have a new home, and I must acquaint myself with it. Hence, my weekend list.

Having grown up vacationing around the area in which I now live, I'm very accustomed to the tourist, if you will, attractions. The glitzy restaurants, the live music venues, the glamorous boutiques, you name it. However, a lover and supporter of all things local, life here for me now is about exploring and getting to know those very people and places.
I'll carry a camera wherever I go, (and at last resort, Instagram can capture life perfectly) and document these weekend rendezvous for our Monday morning meeting. And, just for fun, I challenge you to go explore a little yourself (and if you yourself are a blogger, I'd love to read about your local adventures as well!)
My new seaside town is the perfect place to capture, explore, and experience all things stylish. And I'm anticipating it to be a well-spring of inspiration to refine my personal style even further.

This first one is pretty basic, seeing as how I've just arrived:
- Take this little man to explore his new sidewalks.
- Try my hand at the area's thrift shops to see what sort of furniture catches my eye to spruce up for the new home.
- Take my bicycle to the neighborhood coffee shop and catch up on some much-needed blog research.
- Try out the new gourmet hot dog stand in the Seaside a square.
-Make at least one new friend.
- Wander through the vintage bookstore for beautiful bookshelf finds.
So happy weekend lovelies, I hope you see the next few days full of adventure, celebration, relaxation, and all things gorgeous!


Amy said...

I am finding the same joy you've mention. I bring a camera wherever I go too, for those just in case moments. I love that I am rediscovering my neighborhoods, my city and all of the activities in my own backyard!

Have a great weekend, Cheers!

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