Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Treasures: Today I love

This grilled goat cheese and avocado sandwich. I may or may not have eaten it more than a few times this past week. Perk: it's healthy and tasty!

The idea of a bar cart in the living area.
My favorite is this one from Etsy, but a more affordable option is this one from Ikea (duh).

An understated but elegant open back. I've always been drawn to an interesting back detail and classy cut-outs in general, but this image leaves me longing for one that is barely there:

And last but not least, this messy half up-do is the perfect summer fix-- easy as pie and I can't wait to try.

(bar cart source here; open back source here; hair here)


wfayew said...

Ains, is that sandwich from a restaurant in Oxford (where??) or did you make it (make me one!!)?? Looks delicious!

Ainsley said...

Faye, it's probably the easiest sandwich in the world to make. Avacodo, goat cheese, turkey, and I used some sundried tomatoes. Delicious!

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